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Posted by Admin On15th June 2010

I have been working here at VWORKER for 4 months now basically as a content writer. To be honest, at first when I came to know about this site and the opportunities it provides, I was little skeptical whether it was really true and if I could truly earn by working through it. I went through some research online and found other sites similar to VWORKER. But most of them I found a bit complicated. In case of VWORKER the whole process of bidding in different projects, communicating and negotiating with buyers and the payment process is very simple. And the first time I received my first payment from the site and withdrew it from an ATM booth, I realized that I am in the right place to utilize my skills and undoubtedly VWORKER is one of the most reliable sites where I can work as a coder. VWORKER is always very caring for both buyers and sellers and I am truly glad that I got the opportunity to become a part of the VWORKER family.

Jubair – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Posted by Admin On7th May 2010

The ability to work from home has revolutionized a number of industries—particularly those industries which have the most freelancers. People can now work on various projects from across the world from the employer. This is an incredible benefit that many businessmen are now attempting to take advantage of. The freelancing system of work has become more and more popular over the last couple of years. Indeed, just fifteen years ago it was unthinkable that hundreds of thousands of workers could work from their homes. The traditional work environment has quickly lost its appeal to those who want to cut down on office expenses. As of late the traditional environment has given way to freelancing, which allows for more decentralized, modernized, technologically-driven, workspaces. Water coolers, uniforms, and file cabinets have become obsolete.

Freelancing as a mode of work has surged in popularity over the last decade because of advances in technology—mainly the Internet. Digital communication has allowed for, indeed it has facilitated, the rise of freelancing. Freelancing’s rise closely mirrors the rise of the Internet. Websites hoping to help freelancers find work have proliferates. The most important website for freelancers is Vworker. They have a system set up for entrepreneurs to rate the workers they have hired. This helps to give good reputations to the best freelancers.

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